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TPOI is here to provide the best outdoor experience
for the indoor person.  We cater to small and large
business and are open daily all week to
accommodate the late buyer.  We are both
wholesale and retail catering to all individuals.  Our
plants and flowers are always fresh and nice and
delivered daily to our store.  So pay us a visit an we
will have one of our trained representative assist you
with whatever questions you may have.  See you
(What We Do)

We do both indoor and outdoor landscaping using
both high end technology and grade A plants and
flowers.  We will come to you and provide you with
a free quote and recommendation for your home,
office or event.  We also cater to wholesalers and
provide added discounts for large jobs.  Our plants
and flowers are inspected and cared for daily to
make sure that you always get the best quality
available.  After purchase you have the option to
have all plants and flowers delivered to you same
day or next day from date of purchase.  So come
down and lets place you with the right plant or
flowers for your home.
Tropical Plants & Orchids Inc
Tpoi (tropical plants & orchids inc)

The Outdoor Experience in the Indoors

Over the pass few years the city have become a city
of only buildings taking away all the gardens and
parks and putting up huge buildings that took away
the beauty of land.  At tpoi we have brought back
that gardens and park feelings by providing all city
dwellers the opportunities to come, enjoy and buy
back that beauty of our lush and tropical not to
mention exotic plants, flowers and foliage that we
have lost.  We are located directly in the heart of the
city between both the 1 & 9 line and the r & w train
lines on 28th Street in midtown Manhattan.  Over
the pass years we have gotten more and more plants
from all over the world so as to accommodate all
visitors and friends.  So stop in by us and enjoy the
beauty of plants, flowers and exotic foliage.  You
can even buy one to take home with you.  Looking
forward to see you there.
You can visit us at our store location at:
Tropical Plants & Orchids Inc
106 West 28th Street
New York, NY 10001
or send us your questions or comments using our online contact form.
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